Regional Routes - Open Spaces around the Project Pilot Sites

Each brochure is illustrating open spaces of regional distinctiveness in the surrounding of the pilot site. Maps and information to the sites is given. All presented sites show typical landscape characteristics. The aim is to highlight the specific character of each area, exemplified through its open space heritage sites. 

First, an overview about the meaning of open spaces and landscape characteristics in a region is given. Thereby, the importance and the value of the landscape and especially the value of open spaces is discussed. 

After an introducing statement on landscape characteristics and open spaces in general, a compilation of noteworthy open spaces around the pilot sites is presented. All the presented sites are of local distinctiveness and can be seen as potential for strengthening and developing a region and their identity. All sites can be formed to a route, which can be composed individually.


Download the brochures here: 

  1. Regional Landscape Identity in Italy – Open Spaces around Taranto and Bari
  2. Regional landscape Identity in Bulgaria – Open Spaces around Veliko Turnovo
  3. Regional Landscape Identity in Greece – Open Spaces around Alexandroupolis
  4. Regional Landscape Identity in Romania – Open Spaces around Sibiu and Avrig


Please note that the online version is only available in low resolution. For a full version in printable quality please contact juergen.furchtlehner[at][dot]at.