Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base serves as a tool to provide further information and insights on the topic of cultural garden and open space heritage. This includes information on cultural tourism in general, but also information on garden tourism and landscape management on a more specific level. 

In the Knowledge Base sub menus you can find:

  1. Scientific texts for experts and people interested in the topic of cultural garden and open space heritage as well as other topics related to current issues of the project (e.g. sustainable tourism, landscape protection, environmental policies) 
  2. Interesting links to various institutions and project related information. 
  3. Management recommendations designed for practitioners in order to ensure an optimal revitalisation of cultural gardens and open-space heritage sites.
  4. An overview of possible fundraising options for such sites in the countries of the project area but also at the European and international levels.
  5. The methodology matrix which includes a mix of tools, methodologies and instruments for cultural garden and open space heritage sites that were developed by the scientific partners of the project.