Press Releases and Articles

Article in the Bulgarian Newspaper "Bora", July 2012 (Translation of the Article)

Article on the Press Conference in St. Pölten, Austria, October 2011

Articles on the Expert Conference in Bari, 27th of November 2012 (in Italian)

 Garden Tourism and the CultTour Project (in German)



Garden Tourism Brochure (English Version)

Gartentourismus Broschüre (German Version)

Градински туризъм (Bulgarian Version)

Il Turismo dei Giardini (Italian Version)



Revitalising Heritage Sites: A Re-Utilisation Process Model for Cultural Garden and Open Space Heritage Sites. Please contact us for an e-version of the book. 



Flashback of the Project Steering Committee Meeting in Krems & Vienna, Austria, in October 2011

Video of the Project Steering Committee Meeting in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, in May 2012

Short TV News on the Expert Confernce in Bari (in Italian; from minute 12:30 on)

News Report on the Expert Conference in Bari and the CulTour Project (in Italian; from minute 5:28 on)

Garden Routes of South East Europe


Project Newsletters

Newsletter Issue 1, July 2012

Newsletter Issue 2, November 2012

Newsletter Issue 3, March 2013

Newsletter Issue 4, July 2013

Newsletter Issue 5, November 2013

Newsletter Issue 6, April 2014