Pilot Sites

Sustainability at an economical, ecological and cultural level is an integral part of the CultTour project. In order to successfully integrate a sustainable tourism strategy, four pilot sites in South East Europe were chosen to identify regionals needs and regional action, as well as interfaces to infrastructure and environmental planning. The pilot sites are:

  • Brukenthal Palace in Avrig, Romania
  • City Park in Alexandroupolis, Greece
  • Gardens of Peripato in Taranto, Italy
  • Boruna Area in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The core activities for the sites involve carrying out feasibility studies and developing model re-utilization concepts as a basis for stable and long-term income from tourism. The identification of the regional needs furthermore leads to common methods and tools for future conservation strategies, improved quality management in tourism and product development for future tourism strategies. One such strategy is the creation of garden routes including cultural garden and open space heritage sites. 

Notably, the pilot sites will develop a clear vision which will be discussed with the responsible municipality and the population including different networks and small and medium sized enterprises in order to find a consensus for the touristic development.

Beyond countable economic results, the project will enable a high level of knowledge transfer for the pilot sites in in the fields of sustainable tourism and marketing activities, management planning as well as urban and landscape management at a municipal and regional level.