Project Description

CultTour is an INTERREG IVB Project, funded by the EU within the framework of the ETC (European Territorial Co-operation), the South East Europe Programme (SEE) and co-funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). The project implementation period lasts from January 2011 until June 2014 and the total financing of the project amounts to 2.672.360,00 €.

CultTour aims at implementing strategies to preserve and valorise cultural garden and open space heritage sites by giving them a contemporary use in tourism and at the same time conserving the "genius loci" of them.

The project is furthermore based on the circumstance that the need for professional education and tourism offers according to international standards is constantly growing in South East Europe. CultTour therefore also aims to address this need by creating scenarios and strategies for integrated tourism development, based on the principles of sustainable tourism and regional economy.

To identify regional needs, pilot sites in four countries - Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Romania - have been chosen. The involved municipalities will analyse the regional action, infrastructure and environmental policies as well as public participation.

Feasibility studies and model re-utilisation concepts for pilot sites furthermore constitute a core activity as a basis for stable and long-term income from tourism. In addition, sector-specific modules for gardeners, constructors, craftsmen and tourism staff as well as an online university course for landscape architects will be offered to guarantee a long term knowledge transfer. To furthermore root the project in the regions, workshops on conservatory aspects and concrete regional tourism aspects will be held to support small and medium sized enterprises and regional networks. 

As aforementioned, the project is scheduled for a time of three years, including eight work packages as shown in the bar chart below. 


CultTour Bar Chart