ERDF PP7 Regional Department for Cultural Heritage - Apulia

The objectives of the Cultural Heritage Department of Apulia are evidenced by the implementation of material and immaterial actions for the completion and the improvement of cultural heritage networks. These networks are in particular connected to archaeological sites, to museums, to libraries, to historic archives, to historic theaters, to castles and cathedrals in order to implement the fruition of such heritage and, consequently, to favor the increasing of the tourist attractiveness Puglia.

The strategic policy of the Department is directed to the integration of the cultural system by combining nature tourism and cultural tourism. This aims at building an integrated system between the regional culture and its environment. Such integration not only enhances the entire region, but also promotes growth opportunities and contributes to attaining the seasonal tourist demand. The integration strategy is fully carried out in the "Cultural and Environmental Systems", managed by the Department and funded by the respected intervention Line 4.2.


Core Project Responsibilities

The Region of Puglia is responsible for work package 8 "Dissemination - Sustainable enhancement of the historic gardens and of cultural heritage located in open spaces". In particular, the activities will concern an analysis of already existing networks related to gardens and open spaces and implementation of new ones. Furthermore the possibility to develop specific projects for the enhancing and the realization, in range of interconnected thematic routes or as integrative part of Environmental Cultural Systems, is analyzed.



Francesco Palumbo 

General Director of the Directorate of Policies for the Promotion of the Territory, Knowledge and Talents 
phone: +39 080 5405615 
fax: +39 080 5405667
e-mail: mailto:f.palumbo[at]regione.puglia[dot]it

Silvia Pellegrini 

Head of the Cultural Heritage Department 
phone: +39 080 5406493
fax: +39 080 5406483
e-mail: mailto:s.pellegrini[at]regione.puglia[dot]it

Mauro Paolo Bruno 

Head of Archaeological and Architectural Heritage Office
phone: +39 080 5406548
fax: +39 080 5406554
e-mail: mailto:mp.bruno[at]regione.puglia[dot]it


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